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 Official Forum/Server Rules!

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General Support
General Support

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PostSubject: Official Forum/Server Rules!   Fri Jun 19, 2009 9:12 pm

Forum/Server Rules
Click the Grey line to see last update


Like a Star @ heaven GENERAL RULES Like a Star @ heaven

Don't flame other people on the forums, we don't want flamewars here. So keep it clean!!
Everyone will get punished who is involved with flaming.

Please don't spam in topics.
Also, please don't spam one word posts.

Double posts:
Please don't double posts, just click on "EDIT" on your previous post.

Multiple Accounts:
Dont make multiple accounts to give yourself: Rep.

Discrimination is not allowed here, discrimination is based on: religious or other people's believes, language, gender or anything else.

Rudeness is the same as flaming. So don't be rude.

Same topics:
Don't make the same topics again. First use the search button on the forum before you ask your question.
You can also go to the HelpCenter for other questions.

Cross posting:
Cross posting is making the same topics over and over again for a few times by the same user.
The poster will be punished for doing this.

Misleading content:
Always make good topic names, don't mislead other people.

Don't advertise on NextGenUpdate. If you want to start a clan, just PM the people who wants to join with your link.

Begging for Rep, Mod, or any other staff ranks, it is against our rules. Earn it!

Ripping is NOT allowed here, make something yourself to show! You will get a ban if you rip a signature, avatar or other artwork. (without original illustrator's permission)

Impersonating is not allowed. this is not the staff of http://final-spec.yforum.biz/announcements-f1/ only, but it also includes pretending another forum member

When you are warned, depending on what you do we will give you black marks and the amount of black marks you have will determine the amount of days you will be banned, remember even if you do something really bad and the black marks are 100/100 you still can appeal here http://final-spec.co.cc/. the black marks you receive will be given from the staffs convenience. DO NOT MAKE MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS TO AVOID THIS SITUATION WE KNOW YOUR IP ADDRESS.

Requesting to be a staff member:
Don't ask for being a staff member of Forum/server, this will only decrease your chance.

Ranting our rules:
Making topics about ranting our rules is not allowed. If you don't like it, just learn to live with it.

Reporting a post:
If you see someone breaking our rules, just click on the "Report button" under the name of the poster. Also don't use this to spam, advertise and other rule breaking stuff.

Infractions/Warnings Forum:
Do NOT post in the infractions/warnings forum unless you are the user disputing an infraction or you have anything at all that will help anyone. If not, you may receive an infraction or warning.

These rules may change at anytime, so please stay updated.
This will result in consequences if not followed properly.
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Official Forum/Server Rules!
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